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SUBARU FORESTER SH 2009-2010 (engine 2.0 l, VDC, RHD). ABS Error Codes (DTS): C0071, C0041, C0047, C0057 – a ground issue

subaru ground issues

To be honest, SUBARU, not that I don’t like it, but I treat them carefully and respectfully, keeping a distance. So that in case of emergency there was room for maneuver. The cars of this particular manufacturer were most often delayed in the repair area. And I fiddled with them longer than with any other brand of car. I could not understand why in the same models, with the same motors, the control systems could differ …. But even this is not the main thing. Sometimes what I had in front of me, and actually saw, absolutely did not coincide with what was written in professional manuals. Wiring harness routing, connectors, especially intermediate connectors, control unit pinouts (pindata)…. As a result, the search and localization of the malfunction was delayed specifically.

Say, it was a long time ago, now everything has changed. May be. At the moment it is difficult for me to judge, the cars of this manufacturer have somehow quietly disappeared. No, they appear from time to time, but rarely. Although it may be related to my location, someone else may be different. But once you burned yourself in milk – you will blow on the water (and here it was, and more than once).

Actually, I’m not going to change the method of approach to troubleshooting in a Subaru car. I’ll just start with another part of the system. After all, this is, in fact, the ABS control system and VDC directional stability. So, in terms of structure, it is no different from any other. And so I decided to start with what ensures the operation of the system and communications. Previously, I analyzed the error codes in order to understand the cause of their occurrence and possible places where a malfunction may occur. The picture turned out as follows:

C0071 – a steering angle sensor malfunction. On the scanner I see it works. This means the signal (may be distorted, maybe it disappears, maybe you just need to adjust 0). There may be a control unit and a VDC modulator (I would not want to).
C0047 is a CAN communication error. There may be a LAN malfunction. The control unit and VDC modulator can also. But you need to add communications (wiring connectors).
C0057 – and this signal was not received by the control unit. This means all of the above and CAN and LAN and the VDC block, communications (connectors, wiring ….).
С0041 – and this is the control unit for the exchange rate stabilization and stability (VDC) system itself. There are doubts that the control unit itself is faulty. And if its power is lost, then all these error codes will come out immediately.

We start checking with what ensures the operation of the VDC.

002 1

Here’s what was required. Power usually disappears at the contacts. The ignition switch is contacts, the intermediate connector is contacts, the block connector is also them. If we assume that “+” hits the ground while driving, the fuse would probably burn out. Checked the fuse. He is and he is whole. And the tracing on the diagram showed that it is the same power that goes to the rudder position sensor and to the multi-coordinate acceleration sensor. Excellent version, immediately explains the appearance of a bunch of codes. We check…. Everything is fine! I went through all the possible places that I listed above. And it all started so well. Only after some time comes the understanding that the version has not been worked out to the end.

Ground points. The power supply is not only “+”. The ground point 1 is in place. This is the mass of the pressure modulator motor, and the mass of the block is not active on the wiring diagram. And where is she really? No, I already know how to do it without bothering. But they can be parallelized and brought to one point. As a rule, these are several wires pressed into a brass tube. And all this is inside the bundle, and outward is a common wire with a terminal. We check with the device from terminal 15 to the contacts of the block. And there is. And from battery terminal to battery terminal? 58 Ohm, however….. And from the outside, the bolt and the ground terminal itself look great. We unscrew the ground wire. It didn’t work out … the head of the bolt broke off with little effort. The bolt not only rotted, but the connection to the hull looked like a red spot on the paint. From the outside, everything looked good. That’s actually all. The errors were removed, the system test was carried out from the scanner, I also did the sensor calibration (just in case). Checked in motion – everything works. Lucky? May be. Especially in the part when I remembered about grounding. And it could be otherwise. And then the check would have gone according to a different scenario, that’s for sure.

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