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How MotorData Helps Auto Diagnosticians Find Vehicle Faults

We speed up the detection of faults and repair of electrical equipment

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The ideal combination of the MotorData OBD2 diagnostic app and the MotorData Professional software will accelerate vehicle repair in any auto service shop

Software for car services

The MotorData Professional software is a leading solution in the Asian vehicle diagnostics and repair market with 20,000 wiring diagrams, 60,000 DTC codes, 4,500 ECU pinouts, and other useful information.

The MotorData OBD2 mobile app is a professional vehicle diagnostic scanner accessible to both experienced drivers and auto service diagnosticians.

How do MotorData solutions help diagnosticians repair vehicles?

Diagnosticians currently actively use software and scanners to improve work efficiency. Choosing the right vehicle diagnostics solutions allows them to get straight to work without wasting time searching for necessary information.

For quick diagnostics, MotorData suggests using the software and OBD scanner app together – an on-board diagnostics (OBD) tool that interacts with the vehicle’s on-board system to monitor operation and identify any issues. Here’s how using them together helps auto diagnosticians detect vehicle problems:

1. Reading diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

One of the main functions of the MotorData OBD2 scanner app is reading the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) detected by the vehicle’s on-board self-diagnostics system. These codes are logged when the system detects malfunctions or faults in vehicle operation. By interpreting these codes, diagnosticians can pinpoint the source of the problem without invasive physical inspection, saving time and effort.

2. Decoding fault codes and understanding possible causes

The MotorData Professional software provides detailed decoding of the detected fault codes and suggests possible causes for their appearance. Thus, if the MotorData OBD app identifies a fault code, the computer software gives a detailed error description, allowing the diagnostician to quickly understand the possible causes of the malfunction.

3. Real-time monitoring

The MotorData OBD2 app allows real-time monitoring of vehicle sensor data, including engine temperature, fuel pressure, etc., presented in both numerical and graphical form. Real-time data monitoring helps diagnosticians observe vehicle operation under various conditions, aiding in accurately diagnosing intermittent issues that may not trigger DTC codes.

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4. Known issues and service bulletins in MotorData Professional

Often, the cause of a malfunction not shown by a DTC code may be described in a manufacturer’s service bulletin (TSB). The database includes common issues, diagnostic steps for that particular fault, and resolution procedures. The MotorData Professional software also provides a list of required parts and labor time standards for the necessary repair. These resources significantly facilitate the diagnostician’s work by providing quick fault resolution.

Service Bulletins and Typical Troubleshooting (TSB)

5. Interactive vehicle wiring diagrams and voltage values

When the fault cause is not evident from the DTC code and not covered in the TSB database, the diagnostician must conduct independent diagnostics, such as measuring voltage or current at the electronic control unit (ECU) pins. The software suggests the required voltage and current parameters and displays the complete wiring diagram with all components. The wiring diagrams in MotorData are color-coded, detailed, and easily highlighted with a click. The technician can quickly locate the required relay, ECU, or fuse and access detailed descriptions.

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6. ECU pinouts and reference waveforms

In some complex fault diagnosis cases, waveform measurements help, such as on ignition coils. These can be compared to the reference waveforms included in the MotorData software. The diagnostician can also view connector types from the ECU side and the wiring harness side, with pop-up pin (terminal) names.

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7. Component testing

MotorData includes step-by-step instructions for testing components, which can assist the mechanic in testing specific circuit elements. The diagnostician simply needs to follow the recommended steps to perform tests like checking idle RPM. This significantly facilitates and accelerates the work when the necessary steps are clearly outlined.


Thus, the MotorData software and diagnostic app significantly improve the vehicle diagnostics process by providing detailed information on possible faults and their resolution. MotorData solutions are essential tools for diagnosticians and technicians who want to be skilled and efficient professionals.

Advantages of Using MotorData Diagnostic Tools

Using MotorData diagnostic tools offers several advantages to both mechanics and car enthusiast owners. Here are some benefits for auto service diagnosticians:

1. Time efficiency

The professional MotorData app and software significantly reduce the time spent diagnosing vehicle faults. This eliminates guesswork during vehicle repair, allowing mechanics to focus on resolving the issue rather than spending time searching for information online.

2. Increased profit and cost savings

Quickly identifying faults increases the number of vehicles serviced per shift, thereby boosting revenue at the auto service shop and allowing cost savings on staff.

3. Quick access to data

The extensive database of wiring diagrams, DTC codes, pinouts, and service bulletins accelerates access to the necessary information for quickly resolving malfunctions.

A Practical Case

A case study of successfully resolving an electrical issue in a vehicle using MotorData solutions.

The vehicle is at an auto service shop. It won’t start. The diagnostician begins working. Their actions: they check the signals (voltages) on the sensors and actuators coming from the ECU. They see that the signal is not what it should be. On pin 1, instead of 10-12V, there is only 5V. On pin 2, instead of the required 9V, there is 0V. The diagnostician then looks at the wiring diagrams and pin data in the MotorData Professional diagnostic software and sees from the wire color that there is an issue with the security system. They temporarily disable it. Pin 2 now has voltage. The vehicle is ready to start, but pin 1 still has 5V instead of the required 10-12V. The auto diagnostician examines the entire circuit from the sensor to the ECU. The wiring is clean, with no extra breaks. They then check the voltage coming out of the ECU, which is also 5V instead of 10-12V. They remove the faulty ECU and send it for rework/repair. The fault is soon resolved.

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