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MotorData Professional -
a diagnostic software for Mitsubishi vehicles

MMC Outlander 2016 (2.0 DOHC MIVEC). Car heating fan not working

MotorData desktop and mobile solutions

MotorData Professional was created for diagnostics of Japanese Mitsubishi cars. The software contains a wide range of possibilities for checking ECM, AT, CVT, ABS, VSC, EPS, AC, SRS, Multiplex, CAN in a car workshop. Due to its functionality, MotorData speeds up the detection and correction of errors, improves the work of auto mechanics and diagnosticians.MotorData Professional is an auto repair software for Mitsubishi Outlander, Pajero,  ASX, Colt, Eclipse Cross, Lancer, L200, etc via a laptop (computer). For diagnostics on a smartphone using ELM327 OBD2, we recommend to download the MotorData OBD ELM autoscanner app for free.

Advantages of the program when diagnosing Mitsubishi cars

  • Color wiring diagrams with the possibility of tracing wires;
  • Full list of diagnostic trouble codes, manufacturer’s internal codes, Flash codes;
  • A complete reference book of typical malfunctions of Japanese models;
  • Control unit pinouts, reference waveforms and more.

Professional diagnostic tool for Mitsubishi

MotorData is designed for automotive maintenance professionals. With the help of the program, it is easy to view color wiring diagrams, wire routing, get acquainted with typical malfunctions inherent in specific models of Mitsubishi ASX, Outlander, Eclipse Cross, Pajero Sport, L200. Diagnosticians will receive data on the pinout of the connectors of electronic control units. They will have access to the views of the connectors from the side of the blocks and from the side of the wire harnesses, the meanings and forms of signals, the procedures for checking elements and much more.

MotorData Professional – high-quality reference information on diagnostics, repair and maintenance of a Mitsubishi car at a low price. The software contains data from 1996 to 2022. MotorData SaaS also allows you to diagnose Mazda and other cars. 

Diagnostics and repair of the electrical systems of Mitsubishi vehicles using diagrams

MotorData Professional will assist your auto repair workshop by optimizing your daily operations and increasing profitability. The software will expedite the completion of everyday electrical tasks, enhance the overall productivity of your staff, and improve customer service by facilitating the detection of faults and repairs in Mitsubishi vehicles.

With MotorData, troubleshooting and resolving issues in Mitsubishi vehicles will be easier for auto electricians. The software will expedite:

1. Locating breaks and short circuits in the wiring of Japanese cars;
2. Diagnosing and repairing ignition, cooling, heating systems, etc.;
3. Diagnosing and repairing exterior lighting;
4. Repairing electronic systems in Mitsubishi vehicles;
5. Installing and maintaining car alarms and additional equipment.

Join successful auto service centers with MotorData Professional. Implement cutting-edge programs to enhance the performance of auto electricians, increase the satisfaction of technical specialists with their work, and engage with satisfied customers for as long as possible.

MotorData Functionality Examples

Common Mitsubishi DTC Errors You Can Decipher with MotorData

  • C1000: Mitsubishi error code indicating a general malfunction in the functioning of the brake and anti-lock systems;
  • P0100: Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction;
    P0106: An incorrect signal is received from the pressure level control device or the sensor is malfunctioning;
  • P0107 – P0108: The control unit receives an incorrect signal from the MAP sensor;
  • P0130: Heated Oxygen Sensor circuit Bank 1 Sensor 1;
  • P0150, P1055: Sensor Circuit Malfunctions;
    P0170: Fuel system malfunction detected in the first row of cylinders;
  • P0171 – P0172: Poor or high level of combustible mixture in the fuel system;
  • P0190: An open circuit in the wiring of the fuel pressure level sensor in the fuel rail;
  • P0201 – P0206: Errors in the operation of 1 – 6 cylinders of the cylinder head;
  • P0351, P0352: Malfunctions have been detected in the primary circuit of the Mitsubishi ignition coil;
    P0400: Incorrect operation of the components of the exhaust gas recirculation system;
  • P0421: Message about the low efficiency of warming up the catalyst of the first bank;
  • P0443: EVAP control system malfunction;
    P0505: Reporting a malfunction or incorrect operation of the idle maintenance system;
  • P0868: Low oil pressure in the secondary circuit;
  • P1200: The control unit reports an incorrect injector control signal;
  • P1300: Ignition Timing Adjustment circuit;
  • B1604 Malfunction of one of the constituent elements of the security system. The pillow indicator may light up on the display.
The first symbol P means a malfunction in the operation of the power unit, transmission, electronics and sensors. The second, B – problems associated with the functioning of body systems, for example, power windows, wiper blades; And the third, C – malfunctions in the operation of the chassis, electronic equipment.

Mitsubishi models in the MotorData Professional diagnostic program

MotorData collects diagnostic information for popular Mitsubishi models for markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Mitsubishi vehicles in MotorData Professional

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The list of Mitsubishi models featured in Motordata Professional. A more detailed list of modifications will open if you click on the desired car.
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Specifications of MITSUBISHI vehicles

This is the list of Mitsubishi modifications with available data in MotorData. Clicking on a car will open a pop-up window with the characteristics. All information is structured by car brands, models, on-board diagnostic systems and sections (data types, modules) in the diagnostic program.

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MotorData OBD2 ELM Car Scanner is a mobile app for diagnosing Mitsubishi cars on smartphones

MotorData OBD2 ELM autoscanner is another MotorData software that works on Android, iOS and Huawei smartphones. The application receives data from the car using ELM327 adapters using OBDII/EOBD protocols and protocols from car manufacturers. 

MotorData OBD is one of the most popular applications for car diagnostics using a smartphone. You can find errors in the car for free with its help and then decipher them. After purchasing a paid, advanced plugin, the application becomes a real professional diagnostic tool.

Advanced Diagnostics

The app provides car service level data

Great price

Low cost plug-ins with advanced, professional diagnostics

Reading and clearing codes

The app will find vehicle DTCs, decipher fault descriptions, and clear check engine lights and fault codes.


A huge number of functions, including a panel with the display of parameters, saving data for analysis, keeping track of expenses, etc.
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