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MotorData Professional -
software for auto electricians with wiring diagrams

We enhance the efficiency of identifying and fixing electrical equipment faults.

Wiring diagram Engine management system, TOYOTA Prius JAP ZVW30 1

MotorData Professional empowers auto electricians
to master their craft.

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MotorData Professional serves as an indispensable tool for auto electricians in vehicle repair and maintenance. The SaaS provides comprehensive data that is essential for an electrician to perform their work effectively.

MotorData stands out for its distinctive features:

  • Color-coded wiring diagrams.
  • Diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Common faults and service bulletins.
  • Pinouts of control units.

The software offers an interactive interface with clearly visible circuit traces and user-friendly navigation between sections. As a result, MotorData Professional accelerates car diagnostics, enabling you to become a top-notch auto electrician.

20 000

interactive wiring diagrams

60 000


4 500

ECU pinouts

MotorData Professional will make it easier to diagnose and repair your car's electrical equipment

MotorData Professional solves one of the current problems of auto electricians – the increasing complexity of car electronic systems with each new generation. The softwarereveals dark spots and eliminates gapsin knowledge, and also provides information on cars unknown to the electrician.


How MotorData Professional helps an auto electrician perform his duties

As you are aware, the job responsibilities of an auto electrician encompass:

  • Diagnosing electrical equipment in vehicles.
  • Inspecting electrical wiring and circuits.
  • Utilizing test equipment like multimeters, ohmmeters, voltmeters, or oscilloscopes.
  • Repairing and replacing electrical wiring.
  • Installing and connecting additional lighting devices.
  • Setting up car alarms.
  • Meeting time constraints for system installation and dismantling.

MotorData Professional assists auto electricians with the following:

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Identifying breaks and short circuits in wiring.
Interactive electrical circuits and diagrams displaying component locations in the vehicle facilitate swift fault detection
Wiring diagram Exterior lamps system, TOYOTA Auris
Diagnosing and repairing outdoor lighting issues
MotorData includes a vast range of wiring diagrams for vehicle exterior and interior lighting, ensuring prompt repairs.
PinData Engine management system, HYUNDAI Creta
Installing and maintaining car alarms and additional equipment
Pinouts of engine control units aid in tuning a car and installing car alarms, xenon headlights, and other equipment.
Wiring diagram Automatic transmission control system, MAZDA RX-8
Diagnosing and repairing starters and generators
MotorData expedites the diagnosis and repair of ignition, cooling, heating, and ventilation systems, providing comprehensive information concerning their location, configuration, element description, and potential causes of malfunctions.
Repairing vehicle electronic systems
MotorData offers an in-depth view of a car's electronic systems, enabling auto electricians to work efficiently. It effectively identifies faults in engine management systems, transmissions, chassis, passive safety systems, and more

Key Features of MotorData Professional

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs): Get detailed interpretations and reasons behind the occurrence of DTCs.


MotorData Professional enhances an auto electrician’s capabilities, allowing them to expand their diagnostic services. With affordable solutions for MotorData OBD diagnostics, including a budget-friendly scanner or an ELM327 adapter paired with the MotorData Professional system, auto electricians can delve deeper into diagnosing various vehicle systems.

Interactive Car Wiring Diagrams Online

Wiring diagram Air conditioner, MAZDA CX-9

In cases where no error code is present in the vehicle, specialists typically initiate their work by inspecting circuits or connecting an OBD2 scanner to analyze the technical parameters of the electrical components. If necessary, they’ll conduct tests on system elements, and MotorData can be a valuable aid in this process. For instance, it can provide component locations on the electrical circuit.

MotorData Professional boasts an extensive collection of over 20,000 wiring diagrams that cover a wide range of vehicles from Asia and America. The software is designed for rapid diagram searching and comparison. Each diagram is interactive, allowing users to zoom in or out as needed. Clicking on the circuit trace reveals further details. Different wire colors aid in locating faults swiftly. By clicking on components or wires within the diagram, technicians can easily identify fuses and relays in various circuits. Furthermore, each element on the diagram is accompanied by additional information, and users can seamlessly navigate to other sections of the software.

Service Bulletins and Typical Troubleshooting (TSB)

Service Bulletins and Typical Troubleshooting (TSB)

MotorData Professional includes valuable resources such as vehicle manufacturer Service Bulletins (TSBs) and troubleshooting guides, which alert electricians to common electrical issues.

TSBs, or Technical Service Bulletins, are compiled by car manufacturers and distributed to automotive repair shops for addressing specific problems. These bulletins detail common vehicle issues, provide diagnostic procedures, repair instructions, and even list the required parts and estimated repair times. Additionally, the software offers insights into typical malfunctions and proven methods for resolving them, drawn from the experiences of seasoned auto mechanics.

Equipped with this wealth of information, an auto electrician can often quickly identify and address specific malfunctions.

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Pinouts with PinData

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Pinouts with PinData

In MotorData, automotive technicians have access to PinData images for popular vehicle models in their region. With over 4,500 pinouts of Engine Control Units (ECUs), this resource empowers auto electricians to make safe and precise connections to ECUs, vital for tasks such as chip tuning. The software not only displays connector types from both the block and wiring harness sides but also provides clear labels for each terminal (connector pin). It offers a convenient search function by element name and links to related electrical circuit diagrams. Furthermore, reference oscillograms are available to compare current readings and identify malfunctions. MotorData Professional also includes voltage values and specific test conditions for comprehensive diagnostics.

Location of Components and Electronic Control Units

sc location

MotorData proves invaluable by offering location diagrams for ECUs, sensors, relays, mounting blocks, ground points, and intermediate connectors on the vehicle’s body. Finding the necessary element is straightforward, with quick transitions to the relevant location on the electrical circuit or wiring block diagram.



For detailed element testing, including sensors, switches, relays, and actuators, MotorData provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions. The software covers procedures for reading fault codes, initialization, as well as general checks and adjustment processes.

Real-Life Success Stories

Here are a couple of real-world scenarios demonstrating the effectiveness of MotorData Professional:

A Toyota Ipsum 2009 with error code P1315 arrived at the service station. Using MotorData, the auto electrician quickly decoded the issue and received repair recommendations related to the Powertrain control unit, ignition coil, wiring, and connectors. The ignition coil was promptly replaced, resulting in a satisfied and swiftly departing customer.

A Mitsubishi Outlander 2016, 2.0 L MIVEС, was brought to the service center due to a malfunctioning heater. The MotorData interface allowed the auto technician to identify the air conditioning control unit in the diagram, as well as pinpoint A257 – a regulator, relay, and fuse. Locating these components in the vehicle for inspection was effortless, thanks to the program’s clear depiction of their positions on the electrical circuit and in the mounting block. Furthermore, MotorData provided the actual location of the mounting block beneath the dashboard. Diagnostic measurements confirmed a faulty fan motor, which was promptly replaced.

In conclusion, MotorData Professional is an invaluable tool for auto electricians, significantly improving efficiency in their daily work. It expedites troubleshooting and repairs, ultimately boosting the profitability of the car service by allowing more tasks to be completed in a single day.

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