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Interactive and color wiring diagrams
for Toyota cars

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MotorData Professional is a cloud-based tool for auto diagnosticians and electricians to quickly check your vehicle. MotorData provides data on 600 models from Japan, Korea, China, Russia and Renault. The software contains interactive wiring diagrams, diagnostic trouble codes, ECU pinouts and much more.

MotorData Professional - over 20,000 interactive wiring diagrams

MotorData Professional greatly simplifies the work of an auto electrician. Thanks to convenient functionality: colored wires, cross-references to other circuits and modules, circuit scaling, quick element search and bright wire tracing. The software contains 20,000 interactive electrical diagrams of cars from Japan, Korea, China and other countries. Plus over 60,000 interactive diagnostic codes, service bulletins (TSB), control unit pinouts (Pin Data) and more.

Popular Toyota Wiring Diagrams in MotorData

Toyota engine management system Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Engine management system, TOYOTA Verso
These wiring diagrams show the electrical connections and wiring of the Toyota vehicle’s engine management system with all components. With the color and scalability of the wiring diagram in MotorData, it will be much easier for the diagnostician to determine the problem, for example, why the engine does not start or power is reduced, or unstable idling is visible.

Toyota Camry Automatic Transmission Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Automatic transmission control system, TOYOTA Camry

MotorData will visually demonstrate to the car service specialist the entire wiring diagram of the Toyota Camry automatic transmission. Visibility and quick access to data speeds up troubleshooting in the electronic part of the automatic transmission system. It will become easier to understand the cause of the malfunction, whether the sensor in the transmission and engine control system is broken or there is a break in the wiring.

Toyota RAV4 4 wheel drive (4WD) system wiring diagram

Wiring diagram 4WD system, TOYOTA RAV4

The digital drawing shows the colored electrical connections and wiring of the Toyota RAV4 4WD system. The diagram will be useful for troubleshooting, for example, with the inclusion of all-wheel drive.

Toyota Prius Engine Electrical System Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Engine electrical system, TOYOTA Prius

Engine electrical wiring diagrams in the Toyota Prius will make it easier to detect a malfunction in power sources (battery, generator) or wiring. It will be easier to understand whether the cause of the breakdown is in the ignition, charging or starting system.

Toyota Land Cruiser Power Steering Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Anti-lock Brake System, TOYOTA Highlander

Toyota Land Cruiser steering wiring diagrams are color-coded and zoomable. You can trace the entire circuit, connectors and wiring in the software without much effort.

Toyota Highlander Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Anti-lock Brake System, TOYOTA Highlander

Using the ABS wiring diagram, the diagnostician will speed up the detection of a malfunction in the Toyota Highlander. He will quickly check the rotation speed sensors, the electronic control unit (ECU).

Toyota Corolla Airbag and SRS Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Airbag system SRS, TOYOTA Corolla

The Airbag and Supplementary Restraint System Wiring Diagram shows the components, electrical connections and wiring of a Toyota Corolla. A visual drawing will speed up troubleshooting in the SRS, sensors, fuses or in the AirBag control unit.

Toyota Hilux Air Conditioning Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Air conditioner, TOYOTA Hilux

With MotorData, it’s easy to find out why your Toyota’s air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air or the windows are fogging up. The software clearly shows the wiring diagram, sensors and other elements.

Toyota Crown Cruise Control Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Cruise control, TOYOTA Crown

Possible malfunctions in Toyota Crown cruise control will be easier to find through Motordata. You will see the entire electrical circuit and elements in the speed control system. The technician will quickly understand whether the cause is a broken wiring, a blown fuse or a failed sensor. MotorData also published the possible causes of such malfunctions.

Toyota Auris Hybrid Powertrain Control System Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Hybrid powertrain control system, TOYOTA Auris

Toyota Auris hybrid powertrain control circuit diagrams are color coded and scalable. All connections and wiring locations are easily visible. Therefore, it will be easy for the diagnostician to look at the entire circuit to troubleshoot.

Toyota Vitz Exterior Light Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Exterior lamps system, TOYOTA Vitz

The exterior lighting diagrams show the electrical connections and wiring layout of the system connecting to control units, headlights, brake lights, lights, relays, etc.

Toyota Verso Body Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram Body Electrical equipment TOYOTA Verso

Body wiring diagrams of Toyota Verso will become available to the diagnostician in our program. All wires are drawn in color, and the circuit itself is easily enlarged and reduced. The components themselves on the diagrams are clickable for more detailed information.

Toyota Yaris central lock wiring diagram

Wiring diagram Central locking, TOYOTA Yaris

The electrical circuit of the Toyota Yaris central lock will create an understanding for the diagnostician of how the whole system works.

Toyota Estima parking system wiring diagram

Wiring diagram Parking assist system, TOYOTA Estima
The Toyota Estima parking wiring diagram shows the wiring circuit and all connections to the system components. The digital image will be useful in the event of a malfunction in the parking sensors, such as mechanical damage, factory defects, pollution, damage to the control unit or sensors.

Toyota Wiring Diagrams in MotorData

Toyota Wiring Diagrams are diagrams that show electrical connections and wire circuits. Such schemes help to find and eliminate malfunctions in the electrical equipment of Japanese cars. A typical vehicle electrical circuit, like the entire on-board electrical system in Toyota, consists of four important parts:
  • Power sources (plus from the battery and electric current from the generator);
  • Electronic control units, fuses and relays for monitoring and protecting the circuit against overload and short circuit;
  • Energy consumers (main: fuel system; injection and ignition systems; engine management system; automatic transmission, variator and electric power steering, lighting and signaling systems);
  • Electrical wiring, connectors and ground points (return to the negative side of the battery).
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