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MotorData: 20,000 color, interactive wiring diagrams for vehicles online

MotorData Professional contains more than 20,000 full-color wiring diagrams for more than 600 passenger car models in Asia, America. The cost of access to data is from $12. MotorData will speed up the repair and detection of problems in the electrical equipment of the car with the following capabilities:

  • Interactivity and tracing, the ability to select a wire with a click and trace its path through several software screens;
  • Easy to find the right wire, relay or fuse due to different colors and the ability to click on the element;
  • Quick search for a component (block, sensor, etc.) on a diagram with a detailed description of the element;
  • Convenient to zoom in on the diagram, move and scroll it for easier viewing;
  • Printing a color wiring diagram in two clicks.

MotorData is a database and directory of car wiring diagrams

The automotive wiring diagram catalog is updated regularly in MotorData, with hundreds of diagrams per month. For this, special employees, experts in electrics, are responsible in the company. For example, recent releases have added data on Mitsubishi L200, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Toyota Rav4, Kia Ceed JD, Mazda 2 DE, Mazda Demio DE, Renault Logan X52.

MotorData speeds up troubleshooting in vehicle electrical equipment

The autodiagnostician often finds the following faults in the on-board network:

  • violation of contact or break in the chain of sources and consumers of electrical energy;
  • a noticeable decrease in voltage in the electrical circuit of the car;
  • short circuit of wires, parts and assemblies of devices to the body (ground) of the car.

Modern cars are now such complex systems that it is not immediately possible to understand exactly where the cause of the breakdown is hidden. MotorData in such cases significantly facilitates the work of technicians. Thanks to detailed wiring diagrams, interactivity of the program and the ability to switch from a relay on a circuit, for example, to a mounting block, the diagnostician will immediately see the exact picture and quickly fix the problem. SaaS also allows you to quickly find the desired element on the diagram, read the description and view its location inside the car body.

Popular vehicle wiring diagrams and components at MotorData

Wiring diagram of the electronic engine control unit

The electronic control unit (ECU) of a car engine is a controller of important parameters: torque, exhaust gas composition, power, fuel consumption, on which the car’s performance depends. Therefore, it is important to identify and eliminate malfunctions in this system in a timely manner. And the autodiagnostician will help in this MotorData. Here the technician will find a solution for many models, such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda.

The program provides an accessible general scheme of the ECU and other systems, blocks and modules connected to it. So in the program you can immediately see the interaction of the control system with the control units of the automatic transmission (automatic transmission), electric power steering, ABS system, security system. MotorData contains a description of the common causes of incorrect operation of control units.

Wiring diagram of the electronic engine control unit

Wiring diagram of the engine ignition system

The engine management system wiring diagram includes a lot of data, including information about the ignition coil circuit. Here, for example, is the wiring diagram of the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Ignition coils Outlander

Automatic Transmission Control Module Wiring Diagram

The electronic diagram will instantly reveal to the diagnostician the entire automatic transmission control module, including diagnostic connectors, blocks, sensors, relays, fuses. Numerous diagrams are available in MotorData, for example for Toyota Corolla or Yaris, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Ceed.

Automatic Transmission Control Module Wiring Diagram

4WD system Wiring Diagram

4WD system, GREAT WALL Hover H5

Body Control Module Wiring Diagram

Body control wiring diagrams differ markedly in different vehicles. Therefore, we recommend using the data in MotorData more actively, for example, for Renault repairs.

Body control system, RENAULT Duster

Front Fog Lights and Rear Fog Lights Wiring Diagram

With MotorData, the technician will quickly find the faulty item in the lighting for troubleshooting.

Front Fog Lights and Rear Fog Lights Diagram Toyota-min

Wiring Diagrams for Air Conditioning Systems

The diagnostician with the help of MotorData will quickly check the electrical circuit of air conditioning systems. For example, the refrigeration circuit diagram of a Toyota RAV 4 or Mazda 6 air conditioner.

Air conditioner wiring diagram of Toyota Rav4

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Circuit Diagram

The specialist will have access to an ABS diagram, for example, Subaru with a circuit trace with a pressure unit, a relay, an ABS control unit.

Anti-lock Brake System Subaru Forester

Power management system

The auto electrician will quickly check the power supply with a clear diagram for any car, as if it were a Geely or a Toyota. It will also be easier to find the cause of the failure of electrical equipment, for example, in poor electrical wiring contact.

Electrical power management system

Adaptive cruise control wiring diagram

Adaptive cruise control wiring diagram of Lexus

Suspension control wiring diagram

The software will help you find the cause of a malfunction in the suspension control system, demonstrate the suspension control module and all connected elements.

Suspension wiring diagram, LEXUS LX

Supplemental Restraints (SRS) and airbag system Wiring Diagram

Airbag system, MAZDA 3


Multimedia entertainment system, GREAT WALL Hover H5

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