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MMC Outlander 2016 (2.0 DOHC MIVEC). Car heating fan not working

MMC Outlander 2016 (2.0 DOHC MIVEC). Car heating fan not working

The car heater fan is not blowing. There is no need to connect a scanner here. Everything is clear with a malfunction (does not work). But the error is such that you need to decide. Need to figure out what exactly is wrong? How to make sure that when checking, you don’t create difficulties for yourself and become a point from where you can check everything at once. On this car we have an air conditioner control unit, a heater regulator (controller), the heating fan itself and power supply. We go for information to the MotorData program:

MMC Outlander 2016 (2.0 DOHC MIVEC). Car heating fan not working 13

A257 is a regulator, a relay, a fuse …. Excellent. According to the scheme, I find the right point, but I don’t know how it will be in reality. Let’s see in action.

fan 02
This is the fan itself
regulator3 1
And this is the regulator.

I had to pull it out. It could have been more convenient to arrange the controls.

soprotivlenie obmotki ventiliatora 04
MMC Outlander 2016 (2.0 DOHC MIVEC). Car heating fan not working 14

This is the resistance of the fan winding 20 kOhm. It’s not much, it’s a lot, because it’s the resistance between a lightly touching brush and a not-so-clean commutator. Since I don’t remove the motor, I’m trying to measure in a very limited space. I check again. Having disconnected the probe from the device and the regulator connector, I apply mass to the motor with the probe with the ignition on. Silence. So he died. Let’s check the rest of the system.

We return the regulator to its place, and check the fan control, only instead of a motor, a device that clearly shows the change in voltage when the fan speed changes from the panel. So everything is ok there. I was lucky everything turned out to be within reach for verification (and it happens differently). But the owner was not lucky. Picking up such a similar motor, sorting it out – will not work. Here the marketers have done their best. If on models until 2007 (approximately) something else was possible, then on new ones it is not. Why did he give such an example, there is nothing special in it, just think of a fan motor … And the word “decide”, was I used at the beginning? Now I show what I had in mind, since the above scheme is not quite enough to work. Especially when you consider that the work of checking this system due to the peculiarities of the location of its elements can be extremely difficult.

Here is the relay diagram. And this is his place in the mounting block.

The fuse. Its place is in the mounting block.

The mounting block under the dashboard. To the left of the driver.

You are not looking for anything, just click with the mouse, the program itself shows what is where. Now you can start repairing.

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