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MotorData Professional database update – November 2021

trace трассировка

New technical data have been added since the previous update:

  • +82 wiring diagrams: (Toyota Aygo 40, Toyota Camry ##V5#, Toyota Hiace KDH2##, LH2##, TRH2##, Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Renault Megane x95, Hyundai Tucson TLE, Hyundai Solaris HCr, Hyundai Elantra MD, Volkswagen Polo sedan)
  • +1540 diagnostic trouble codes (Nissan Murano Z51, Nissan Juke F15, Kia Sportage SL; also most common codes for Ford, Honda, Nissan)
  • +104 elements check (Kia, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan)
  • +1 fuse/relay/junction boxes (Volkswagen Polo sedan)
  • +1 location diagrams (Volkswagen Polo sedan).

Tracing feature for wiring diagrams

Use the wire tracing to improve reading of a complex schematics: click on the wire to highlight the circuit or click “Cancel the trace” button to turn the highlight off.

mtd web client tracing
MotorData Professional database update - November 2021 4

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