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1. Where is Ford, BMW, Mercedes?

MotorData database contains over 500 models from the leading automotive manufacturers from Japan, Korea, China and Russia. The complete model list with details about the content can be found in the «Model Catalog» section.

2. How to recover a forgotten password?

  1. Go to the personal account of the program on the website
  2. Click the change password link located below the Log in form.
eq003 02 login
  1. Enter your email address (same as your MotorData login), CAPCHA symbols, and press the button to request password change.
eq003 03 chpass
  1. In a few minutes you will receive an email with further instructions.

3. How to activate a license by code?

Caution! Using a code to activate license will cancel any active (current) license! If you have an active license you paid for, do not use a code.
  1. Log into your Account on the
  2. In the «License activation via code» section follow the «Code activation» link.
  1. Enter your license code and click the «Activate» button.
license activation2 en500

4. How to unsubscribe from the mailing list?

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Open the «Profile» tab and press «Edit».
  3. Remove the «Subscribe to MotorData news and updates» checkmark and click the «Save Profile» button.

5. How to revoke a valid license?

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Open the «License» tab and press «Cancel license».
eq009 cancel 01
  1. Study the license cancellation terms. If you accept, place a checkmark and click the «Confirm cancellation» button.
eq009 cancel 02
Not all types of licenses can be canceled. Cancellation is available for «Demo» and «Promo» (obtained via code) licenses.

6. What shall I do if the web-site is in the foreign language unknown to me and there is no my language in the menu?

  1. If the web site is NOT translated into your mother language then, please, open in Google Chrome browser, press the right button of the mouse and click on “Translate to…”.
eq014 01 translate to
  1. Press on three vertical dots symbol, press “Choose another language”.
eq014 02 dots
  1. Please, choose your mother language / language you want to use and click on it.
eq014 03 lang list
  1. Please, click on “Translate” button.
eq014 04 translate button
  1. The web-page will be automatically translated into the language which you’ve chosen.
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